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Gymnastics and Glee

Ugh. It's awful to generalize, but everything I've seen of the hardcore US Gymnastics fandom is really awful. Most of the sites I've come across are just brimming with pressed, bitter, xenophobic and racist jackasses..I'm probably gonna risk my first warning/banning in years by responding to the morons in the TWOP Gymnastics thread but I don't even really care right now.

I just got hooked on the Glee Project. It's so addictive. I'm glad I started watching a few episodes before the finale so I'm not really attached to any one contestant and can just enjoy the absoloute hokiness of the show and watch Troll Murphy work his mojo. It's interesting to go back and read reactions to every episode and see how my impressions differed from the general consensus. None of the final 8 contestants are anywhere close to being a triple threat, and none of them are really all that great vocally, IMO, so it's easy not to get too invested.

Plus it tickles me to no end that if Ryan Murphy had put the original cast through this horse and pony show, he'd have almost an entirely different cast.

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In more postive news I've added two more students to my tutoring on the side

she needs to sort out her priorities

I've got like 3 cover letters to write, but instead I'm too busy following The Vampire Diaries fandom meltdown re: Julie Plec, Matt Davis (who can now kindly GTFO) and the fans w/ common sense vs. the blindly loyal stans. Oh, TVD.

The Vampire Diaries 3.13

Reading all the reactions to last night's limp, no-sense episode, I doubt the writers will ever improve anything, sadly. "Oh, just turn your brain off!" "It's a vampire show, nothing has to make sense!" If the audience will be pleased as long as long as Elena's making out with somebody and a guest star is *shockingly* killed and yet another useless Original is introduced, then why change? It's fine to have a plot driven show, which is why the show was exciting in S1, but when you replace the plot with some wacky mythology, all that's left is a handful of decent actors trying to elevate poor writing. Elijah and Caroline are two of the few characters I still enjoy, but even their presence in last night's episode failed to hold my interest.

I know some fans blame Kevin Williamson's departure for the show's downturn this season, but heck, The Secret Circle is even more of a mess than TVD, IMO, so I have to let Julie Plec off the hook on that one.

I don't know, between TVD, The Secret Circle and Smallville, I'm getting a crash course in really, really weak television writing. I like my fluffy, surface deep shows as much as the next person, but there's only so much bad writing I can handle. I'll stick to ABCFAM  for my fluff at the moment.

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In honor of MLK....

I've been watching Boondocks season 1, and I recently watched Return of the King for the first time in high school. The episode goes from sad to biting to downright depressing all in 22 minutes. It definitely deserved all the awards.

I'm glad I watched the episode again immediately afterwards with Uncle Ruckus' commentary to the lighten the mood.

Breaking Bad...

is sooo good!I love it when shows live up to their hype. I just finished marathoning the first three seasons. As amazing as the S3 finale was, I kind of don't want to start S4 because then I'll have to wait a year for more episodes. :(

The Walking Dead  hasn't really lived up it its hype, and the love triangle is awful, but it's my first foray into the zombie genre, plus the novelty of "Hey, I know that location/zombie extra!" hasn't quite worn off yet. Glenn is the only character I really care about thus far, so that probably means he's gonna die.

I was marathoning Nikita...but I kind of lost momentum before I reached the last 3 episodes. It's a decent show, and for the CW the acting is Emmy worthy, but it feels like it's at the point where TPTB don't want to take risks.

Hopefully I'll get my computer back by the weekend, as my internship situation is really stalling without reliable Internet. Though after all the fuckery I've had to go through for repairs I'm kind of hoping that they'll just give me a new model.

Sep. 27th, 2011

So I think I might just have talked my way into an internship. A paying one, at that.


Cassie Cla(i)re's legacy lives on

LOL.  A while back I stumbled across a story that had obviously been plagiarized from a fanfic written years before from another fandom. Like, she just grabbed passages and chapter titles verbatim, only changing the names of characters. I left her a message essentially saying "This story is plagiarized, shame on you."

Flash forward. So apparently the plagiarizing author was self aware enough to delete her story, but was still ticked enough to leave me this message:

Subject: Blocked User

Hello you left a nasty little couple of reviews on my stories, I just wanted
to inform you that you are now on my blocked users list. And I was planning on
rewriting my story anyway, so I have a back up...Of everything:D!!! So in the
future, a little advice. Go and PM the writer of the offending story and talk
with them first instead of being very rude as you were to me. Because just for
future information, I've never heard of the person you were speaking of.

You know what's rude? Stealing someone else's work and crediting it as your own. Apparently she's never heard of screencaps. And oooh, threatening to release her awful, plagiarized work back onto the Internet, how terrifying :D!!!


Was just walking up the driveway and came across two squirrels fighting viciously. One fell down and didn't get up. He let out some pitiful squeaks, but fell silent when I approached. I thought his legs were broken so I ran inside to call Animal Control. Every Emergency Animal/Wildlife control service went to effing voicemail, and the Humane Society person has to have the  s l o w e s t  speaking voice I ever heard. The phone number for the animaI control on the county website actually connected to the main police department, and I was informed that Animal Control "aren't in today" (WTF).  I ran back, and the squirrel was gone. I hope he was just dazed and managed to get away before any of the neighborhood cats stumbled across him :( ((

It also shook me up because the emergency animal services were just so hard difficult to contact. If anything hapens to my dog I have to hope the emergency vet office is quicker on the uptake. I remember in 4th grade when my dog was choking on a bone and my dad rushed her the the fire department where they saved her life. I don't think that would happen today. I also just found out that the family living behind me are throwing dog biscuits into the yard, which is so out of line. I hate feeling paranoid :(


I love this cast so much

Austin is wearing the requsite non-ranger white, even behind the scenes. :) And years later he still shouts "Tyrannosaurus!" the same as he did in MMPR.

Aug. 2nd, 2011

Leaving for another "vacation" in Kingston, and I can't find my glasses, or my Tylenol. D: This is not conducive to my plans for spending the next 5 days avoiding Mom's family and reading the ebooks I've been obsessively hoarding on my iPod :/

Oh, and I FINALLY saw Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Like every other HP adaptation, there are things that are done brilliantly, things that prompt me to go "WTF," and changes from the book that really work. And I now have a teensy crush on Matt Lewis.

I just wish I'd had a chance to see it with a full audience, though :(